Stuff I use

There are many productivity tools out there. Some help, many don’t. Here are the tools that I like to use:


  • Getting Things Done (GTD) — top-notch organizational system by David Allen, good for keeping track of everything I need to do
  • Remember The Milk (RTM) — simple, attractive task-management application that works well with GTD
  • Gmail — archiving and filters keep my inbox empty
  • Google Calendar — I like using Google Tasks to mark due dates for certain things

  • Evernote — great application for taking, organizing, and syncing notes
  • Joe’s Goals — keeps track of my ongoing goals, good for making habits stick


  • LeechBlock for Firefox — Firefox is my main browser, and Leechblock prevents me from accessing many distracting sites except on weekends
  • StayFocused for Chrome — Chrome is my distraction browser, and StayFocused allows 10 minutes of time on my distracting sites before blocking them for the day
  • RainyMood — rain sounds, good for concentrating and drowning out distracting noises (if you have good headphones)
  • OmmWriter — minimal writing environment
  • Focusbooster — work timer with built-in breaks, good for focused bursts of work
  • Do Nothing for 2 Minutes — good for short, meditative breaks


  • Alfred — very fast application launcher, Mac only
  • Quicksilver — flexible global keyboard shortcuts, Mac only
  • Dropbox — cloud storage application that I use for automatic backups of my work folder (using MacDropAny) and easy file sharing

3 thoughts on “Stuff I use

  1. Neat site! OmmWriter is really cool. Even though my one-year old son keeps trying to stick his finger in my USB port, my four-year-old daughter just dumped her drink on the carpet next to me, my college-aged stepdaughter is texting me about her classes, and my college-aged stepson is trying to get me to play Words With Friends, I’m all in my Zen here.

  2. Hey there!
    RainyMood, Focusbooster and Do Nothing for two minutes practically save me during exams and otherwise! Also, very well managed blog you have here! Great job 😀

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